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Attic Ventilation Fans

Summer is here and it’s time to check your attic ventilation fan. Attic ventilation fans are electric fans that move stagnate hot air out of your attic circulating fresh cooler air through your attic. Replacing the air in your attic improves your air quality, lowers cooling bills, and prevents wood rot. Attics can reach temperatures of 160 degrees or more during a hot day. This trapped heat makes your a/c unit work much harder than necessary to cool your home.

Attic fans are very quiet and controlled automatically by thermostats. Because these fans are out of the way and quiet, it’s important to check your fan to make sure it’s still operating correctly every year. Bad fans lead to hot attics and high energy bills.

TE Certified electricians troubleshoot attic fans for homeowners who suspect they have a problem.

  • A common symptom is a hot attic or high energy bills.
  • We find that many fans have bad motors or thermostats.

TE Certified Electricians carry attic fans and thermostats on our service vans so we can fix the fans right away. Homeowners are often surprised to see how quickly their attic cools down after a fan is repaired. Many homeowners say “I just thought my attic was supposed to be this hot!”

If your attic is too hot or your energy bills seem too high, check your attic vent fan. If you need help call TE Certified to troubleshoot your fan. A TE Certified Electrician will identify the problem immediately and get your fan operating as it should.

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