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Tankless Water Heaters

Never Run Out of Hot Water

Tankless water heaters deliver unlimited hot water. Because there is no tank to deplete, you can say goodbye to cold showers forever. These small and space-saving units last twice as long as traditional water heaters and don’t waste energy on heating water that won’t be used. There is no tank to rust, leak, burst, or be ruined by sediment buildup and end up in a landfill. It’s no wonder that they’re fast becoming the new standard.

Whole-house tankless water heaters supply unlimited hot water to every fixture in your home. TE supplies and installs only the highest quality, industry-leading brands to ensure long life and ease of service. Our certified technicians assess the size of your home and hot water usage to outfit your system with a tankless water heater that will seamlessly serve your entire household. We ensure that you have properly-sized gas, water, and electrical supply lines and the ventilation necessary to meet both the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and local municipality requirements.


Tankless water heaters are just that…without a tank. They are manufactured to include only the essential elements of traditional water heaters (heating coils, thermostat, electrical supply, water intake and output, and ventilation). These compact, wall-mounted units take up only a fraction of the square footage of standard units. Plus, they can be installed virtually anywhere. This may give you the option to reclaim a closet, basement, or utility area. No more calculating space usage and building-code clearance (or making structural modifications) just to upgrade to a larger water heater. With a few modifications, a tankless unit can even be installed next to your home’s exterior AC unit(s).

Recirculation Pumps

Enjoy instant hot water. We supply and install tankless water heaters with optional built-in recirculation pumps. These devices eliminate waste and waiting. No more watching cold water go down the drain before the hot water arrives at the shower or faucet. And no more waiting for hot water to travel the length of a whole house to get to you. Water is continuously pushed through the hot water pipes and back through a dedicated return line to be reheated. An energy-efficiency timer can be set to turn off this feature when you’re not home (or using hot water). Some recirculation-pump timers gauge your household’s water usage for you and then program themselves.

A recirculation pump can be added to modernize existing tankless water heaters, even in homes without a dedicated return line.

Point-of-Use Water Supply

Any area of your home that is connected to a water line (outdoor showers, outbuildings, auxiliary laundry areas, garages, outdoor kitchens, etc.) can be serviced by hot water on-demand.
Point-of-use tankless water heaters are sub-compact units that can be tucked away under a sink cabinet or concealed in the wall just beyond a set of shower controls. They can be installed as miniature booster systems to whole-house tankless water heaters when the need for hot water increases.

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