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Surge Protection Installation

Why Do You Need Whole Home Surge Protection?

Whole house surge protectors help protect appliances and electronics in your home from damaging electrical surges.Electrical surges are spikes in the electrical voltage coming into your home. These spikes are most often caused by your power provider, electrical problems inside your home, or lightning strikes. Surge protectors work by regulating the flow of electricity throughout your house. When the voltage goes up, the surge protector drains all of the excess voltage into the ground and away from sensitive equipment and electronics in your home. The unit is installed in your main electrical panel and can stop electrical surges before they reach the rest of the home.

How A Whole House Surge Protector Can Help

If you own a TV, computer, dishwasher, irrigation clock, intercom, doorbell, well pump, A/C unit, or similar appliance, you should invest in a whole house surge protector. Even a small surge coming from your local power company can damage and reduce the life of equipment. Whole house surge protection is inexpensive and helps protect the most costly items in your home.

The surge protectors we install also come with a manufacturer’s $25,000 lifetime limited warranty for certain equipment in your home. We provide written documentation that a licensed electrician installed your unit.

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Get Protected Today & Enjoy Watching TV Next Time it Storms!

Whole house surge protectors are installed in your electrical panel. They protect your entire electrical system by ending any electrical surge that enters your electrical panel. However, they DO NOT eliminate the need for secondary surge protection (plugin surge protectors) for your sensitive equipment. Lightning strikes do not always enter the home through the power line and sometimes follow cable or phone lines, irrigation clock circuits, invisible dog fence circuits, and pool equipment circuits into the home. In such a case, the lighting strike may damage sensitive equipment before the surge ever gets to your main panel. Once the power surge gets to the panel, the surge protector will keep the surge from spreading across the system, but for the equipment on that circuit it can be too late. Always, install secondary surge protection on your sensitive electrical equipment.

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