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Air Conditioning System Maintenance

While we don’t mind coming out to fix your home air conditioner (it’s what we do), we’d rather service your equipment before you need emergency AC repairs. As part of your seasonal AC maintenance or tune-up service, your HVAC technician will check your refrigerant levels, determine if there are any leaks, and properly dispose of discharged Freon. We’ll also check the controls, electrical terminals, belts, connectors, etc., and replace worn or broken parts before they become a big problem.

We’ll recommend additional non-emergency replacements and upgrades that can help extend the life of your air conditioning system. This gives you the information and time to think about what you want to do with your system before you’re on the spot to make a decision.

AC Diagnostic Service

I changed my filter. Isn’t that enough?

Not exactly…There are two types of coils in your AC or heat pump; your indoor evaporator coils and outdoor condenser coils. These can become clogged with just about anything over time, depending on where they’re located in your home, this could include dirt, bacteria, pet hair, tobacco smoke, and rust. All of these things cause erosion, deterioration, and eventual malfunction of AC equipment. Having them cleaned regularly is important. And we recommend this at least once a year. Can’t remember the last time your coils were looked at or cleaned? Then, it’s probably time for HVAC maintenance.

HomeCare Preventative Maintenance Plan

Priceless Peace of Mind for only: $12.95/month (for the first system)

Summer Inspection Features:

  • Replace air filter (1” width only) Check critical refrigerant coils on outdoor unit (reduces power consumption)
  • Inspect critical refrigerant coils on indoor unit (prevents costly breakdowns)
  • Inspect and clean drain lines on indoor unit (prevents water leaks)
  • Inspect all electrical fittings on indoor and outdoor equipment (tighten or adjust if necessary)
  • Test all motors, controls, and safety switches to ensure proper function (increases lifespan)
  • Check rotation and balance of fan blades on outdoor unit (reduces AC noise)
  • Check settings on indoor unit fan motor to ensure proper airflow (improves comfort in the home)
  • Measure electrical consumption on all motors and compressor to verify they are within safe operating range (identifies problem components before they fail)
  • Check refrigerant level to make sure it is within proper range of operation (identifies costly leaks and poorly functioning units)
  • Verify breaker sizes for heating and cooling equipment (prevents catastrophic failures)
  • Check for code violations that may be posing a safety risk (prevents fires, airborne illnesses, and carbon monoxide poisoning)
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An Efficient, Reliable System For Years to Come

We want you to be able to enjoy your cooling system for as long as possible! Routine maintenance is crucial to helping your system reach its expected lifespan, and remain efficient up until that point. Learn more about our homecare maintenance plan, or give us a call at 770-667-6937.

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