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Electric Car Charging Stations

EV Charger Installers in Atlanta

TE Certified Electricians installs Electric Vehicle Home Charging Stations in Atlanta. Choose a local Tesla recommended electrician to properly and safely install your Level 2 home charging station at your home or business.

Level 1 Plug-in Car Charging Stations

Many electric cars come equipped with chargers that work with typical 120V electrical receptacles. These chargers use less power so they will work on a basic circuit, but they take a much longer time to charge your electric vehicle than a “Quick Charging station.” Even if your car comes with a low power charging option, you may want to consider using a dedicated 20 amp circuit to avoid tripping breakers or overloading circuits.

Level 2 (240V) Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

Not all Level 2 chargers are the same, even though they all have the same plug configuration. A Level 2 Residential Home Charging Station uses 240 volt split phase power from your home’s main electrical panel to recharge your electric car in four to eight hours, depending on the type of station and vehicle. While all residential Level 2 chargers use the same voltage (a measure of electrical potential), the amount of power transferred to your car per hour can vary depending on the amperage (a measure of electrical strength). Some chargers, like the Leviton Evr-Green 160, are rated for only 20 amps at 240 volts, while the Evr-green 320 model can handle twice that amount. Also, some vehicles like the Telsa Model S, can use a variety of Level 2 charging options. As a rule, the higher the amperage of a charging station the faster it will charge your car. The drawback of the larger chargers is that they require a little more effort and upfront cost in the installation. Larger chargers need more available power at your electrical panel and a larger sized circuit run from the electrical panel to the car charger.

Installing your Electric Car Charger.

  • First, we will verify your vehicle type.
  • Second, we will check your electrical panel and verify the available power.
  • We will also verify that we have the right charger for you based on the specifications and your home’s layout.

The benefit to hiring TE is that we can install any type of charging station because we are independent electricians. We are also the number one recommended electrician in Atlanta by Tesla Motors. If you have already purchased a charger, we can install it for you. If you have not selected a car charger, we can help you find the right brand and model that fits your needs. Once we have determined which charger we will be installing for you we will install the new dedicated circuit from your panel to your charging station, install the station on the wall, and install a new breaker in your electrical panel. Of course, we will verify your electrical panel can handle the new load and we will upgrade any systems that are not compatible. Once the installation is done we will inspect it and make sure you’re ready to go. We are local electricians so we know the building codes and standards in your area; we will make sure you get a perfect installation. And we offer a lifetime warranty on all our installations, so you never have to worry about the charging system breaking down.

Electrical Upgrades to Accommodate Fast Charging Stations. Some homes are not equipped to handle the additional load needed for quickly charging an electric vehicle and may require a newer electrical panel or even a higher amperage service. Our licensed electricians will complete a professional review and electrical load calculation to ensure a safe installation. When an upgrade is needed, we are experts at installing new panels and upgrading electrical services.

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Charger Information

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