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Plumbing Venting

Ever Wonder About the Plumbing You See in . . . the attic?

This is ventilation that is critical for every water drain in your home (sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, floor drains, and most washing machines). Drains need ventilation to function properly.

Ventilation pipes are installed as a branch above every drain line. And they may connect with other drains that feed out together through a single vent stack on the roof. This allows outside air to be pulled back into a pipe after the existing air is pushed out by draining water. Simply put, it prevents a vacuum.

A vacuum creates a host of water drainage issues. And it can be strong enough to suck the water barrier from a drain’s protective p-trap – exposing you and everyone in your household to dangerous sewer odors.

If you’ve determined that you have a ventilation problem (or had it pointed out by a home inspector), call a TE Certified plumber to fix it. It’s what we do.

Missing Ventilation

It creates relentless and frustrating plumbing issues when homes are built with insufficient plumbing ventilation or no ventilation at all. These are usually problems that have been present from day one. They include slow drains, standing water, toilets that bubble and gurgle instead of flushing properly, low toilet bowl water levels, and sewer odors.

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