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Cable, Phone & Data Installation

Hardwired Networks are Faster, Safer, More Reliable than Wireless Networks

TE Certified Electricians can install phone lines, cable lines, Cat-5e, and Cat-6 data lines. Our certified technicians are experienced and trained in fishing lines through walls and ceilings without any messy drywall damage. Whether you need a new cable line for your flat screen TV or high-speed internet, we can help.

Want a whole house network? Our certified technicians can install an entire hardwired network for your home just like the one at the office. Hard wired networks are faster than wireless systems, which increases your productivity. Plus, there is no interference with other signals in the house.

Also, wired networks are much safer than wireless systems even if they are encrypted. Many companies require a hardwired network if their employees work from home. We also have the experience and specialized tools for tracking down shorts and problems in your system. If you have a phone line or cable jack that does not work, we can find out why.

Cable TV & Speaker Wire Installations

TE Certified Electricians also installs speaker lines and speakers. We can help you get speakers on your patio or deck, down in your basement, or wherever you need sound. We are experts at fishing lines through walls and ceilings without creating any damage. We install in-wall rated high-grade speaker wire and speakers. We also install cable TV lines throughout the house, move existing cable outlets, and run additional lines in places your regular cable man says are impossible. Don’t let an inexperienced installer tack a cable to the outside of your home. Get your cable lines professionally installed inside your walls.

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