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Whole Home Repiping

All New Pipes In Under A Week

Every element of your home’s plumbing system has a finite life. Repiping can be more sensible and economical in the long run than dragging out your plumbing hassles and worries with an extensive patchwork of repairs.

If you’re ready to be done with duct tape remedies, leaky pipes, water hammer, water quality issues, low water pressure, mysterious dripping sounds, sewer gases, or other plumbing issues, then take the time to have it done right.

We complete house whole-house re-pipes in under a week, using time-tested and field-proven materials.

Reasons to Repipe A Home Include:

Age and Function

  • It may simply be time to update non-functioning, obsolete, and/or poised-to-failed plumbing. This is often the case with homes that have seen many decades of use.
  • But not all newer homes are exempt; poor workmanship, improperly installed plumbing, and/or bad materials can make a house an excellent candidate for repiping well before its prime.
  • Investing now in your home’s plumbing system may save you thousands in property damage later.


  • Plumbing pipes are commonly weakened by years of overly-high water pressure and other types of damage, including freezing temperatures, oxidation, electrolysis, vandalism, and theft.
  • Unfortunately, thieves will disable most (sometimes all) of a home’s plumbing system, just to make a few dollars on metal recycling.
  • During a whole-house repiping job is also an excellent time to insulate your plumbing system to avoid future damage from freezing temperatures and help defray energy costs.

Water Quality

  • If your tap water is testing high for unwanted chemical or metal contamination, the problem may be in your home. Some materials that were used in plumbing pipes, fittings, valves, and soldering back in the day are no longer holding up.
  • Galvanized steel pipes, in particular, have corrosive components that can leach heavy metals into your drinking water.


  • This piping once involved in a notorious class-action lawsuit, is synonymous with home damage.
  • The presence of polybutylene is noted on professional home-inspection reports and seller’s property disclosure documents as it is considered a known hazard, one that significantly impacts a home’s value.
  • Polybutylene piping can cause severe water damage – even after years without issues.
  • The leaks can be small (think pin-hole size) and go unnoticed behind walls and ceilings until the damage to the paint, drywall, flooring, and even structural damage has run into the thousands of dollars.
  • Other leaks are more dramatic, as entire sections of pipe crack open or fittings burst apart.

Galvanized Steel

  • Galvanized steel pipes are designed with zinc linings that erode with time.
  • This erosion causes sediment buildup within the pipes which results in diminished water flow, leaks, lead-contamination, and rust-colored water.

We overhaul plumbing systems with safe, high quality, and long-lasting materials. This includes everything from the in-ground pipe running from the city supply line to all the piping, valves and fittings that make up the water system within your home – we’ve got you covered.

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Whole Home Repiping Services From the Experts

Our Atlanta area plumbing team protects your floors, furniture, and belongings and uses special equipment to locate piping hidden in walls and ceilings to ensure we remove drywall only where necessary. To get started, contact us or call (770) 667-6937.

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