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Water Heaters

Plumber Water Heater Service Near Atlanta

New Installations

Whether you’re building a home from scratch, finishing out a basement, or supplying hot water to an outbuilding or a garage, we’ve got you covered. One of our TE Certified plumbers will meet with you and look over your existing plumbing system to assess the hot water needs for your situation. You’ll be provided with multiple installation options for your natural gas, electric, or propane-supplied water heater.


Can’t remember the year you last replaced your water heater? It may be time to update. Our same-day replacement service includes hauling away your old unit so you’re left with no mess and no worries – just hot water and the TE Certified guarantee. We can also help you switch to a gas, electric, or propane tankless water heater.


A high-quality water heater is a must for every home. TE Certified offers only the best brands in the industry for your replacement needs. We also repair and perform maintenance on all major brands of residential and light commercial water heaters. Natural gas, electric, propane, heat pump…we service them all.

Emergency Repair

Not getting hot water? Water all over the floor around your water heater? Unpleasant odor from the hot water tap? Water heater tripping the breaker? We service and repair water heaters when it makes sense to do so. When it doesn’t, our installers can set you up with a new, fully-operational water heater the same day.

Energy Efficiency

Utilities sky-rocketing? A new, energy-efficient, water heater that is properly sized for your household can bring instant relief.

  • Water recirculation pumps. You can finally stop watching gallons of cold and lukewarm water go (needlessly) down the drain while waiting for hot water – and have hot water ready at the tap when you want it. Recirculation pumps send already-heated water back to the tank instead of letting it cool off in the pipes. This energy-saving feature reduces the need to constantly heat new batches of cold water.
  • Digital temperature controls. These handy devices let you adjust your water heater with the simple push of a button – no more turning off circuit breakers and removing rusty panels just to change a degree or two. Tankless applications only.
  • Wi-Fi connected and app-controllable. Easily monitor your water usage and temperature settings from a mobile device. Headed out of town? Use the app to turn the water heater way down. Plans changed? H
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Don’t Go Without Hot Water

No matter how big or small the job is, the experts at TE Certified will gladly service your existing water heater, or install a new one! If you have any questions, contact us or call (770) 667-6937. We would be more than happy to help in any way we can!

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