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Plumbing Inspections

Whole House Plumbing Inspections

Whether it be for a home inspection when buying or selling, or you simply want to verify the current state of your plumbing system, TE Certified plumbers offer a thorough whole home plumbing inspection process to ensure that your home’s plumbing components are safe, functional, and meet with current code standards.

What is Checked During the Inspection

As part of the inspection, a TE Certified Plumber will check the plumbing in your bathrooms, kitchen, garage, and yard.

Examples of the areas inspected are:

  • Water Entry – Emergency shut-off valve & pressure regulator valve
  • Water Heater – Pressure safety valve, gas valve, igniter operation, combustion air, emergency water shut off
  • Mechanical Equipment – Sump pump, sewage ejection pump
  • Water and DWV Piping System – Water supply piping material, and pipe integrity

For more details please ask your TE Certified Plumber for a copy of our plumbing system evalauation form.

Is Your Plumbing System Up To Code?

Plumbing codes in the Atlanta area change frequently, and our plumbers are aware of any changes that you may need to make to satisfy these requirements.

If you’re ready to have an experienced, licensed plumber look at your piping system, Schedule Now or call us at 770-667-6937.

Expect a Thorough Inspection Every Time

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we carefully inspect your system to ensure everything is working as it should, and if it isn’t, we’ll let you know. However, we will never try to talk you into a repair or service you don’t need. If your plumbing system is functioning properly as-is, we'll tell you!

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