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Whole-House Generators – Never Lose Power

TE Certified installs whole house natural gas powered automatic transfer generators. These generators can power part or all of your home during an electrical outage. TE provides turnkey installation. This means we supply the generator, build the pad, install the gas lines, connect to your electrical system, and handle all the paperwork.

All You Have to do is Sit Back and Wait for the Next Storm

Call us today for an onsite consultation and assessment. We can help pick the right generator set-up for your needs. Our company has years of experience installing generators, and we include our industry leading warranty for each install. This means during the next storm you could be the one with power.

How a Standby Generator Can Benefit You

Standby generators present several significant advantages, including:

  • Fuel independence that allows it to run for days or even weeks, which may be necessary if a prolonged power outage occurs.
  • Quick access to electricity after a power outage or failure.
  • Permanent installation for hassle free use.
  • Allowing you to remain comfortably at home during an event in which electricity is not readily available such as a storm.
  • Some units are able to assess themselves on a week to week basis to determine whether maintenance or repairs are needed and alert you appropriately.
  • Safe, reliable access to power during prolonged outages, so you won’t have to spend time worrying about your backup plan during an emergency.
  • Granting you peace of mind that your family and household are safe from electrical hazards associated with your home system during a major power outage.
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Ensure Your Home is Always Powered

Are you prepared for an unexpected power outage? If not, contact us or call (770) 667-6937 to receive prompt, professional service from the TE Certified experts!

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