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Sewer Camera Inspections

Camera inspections take the guesswork out of sewer line repairs to save you time and money.

Sewer camera inspections allow our plumbers to visually inspect the interior of your home’s sewer line without causing damage to your yard or the slab your home is built on. Seeing inside the sewer pipes gives our team the ability to determine the location, depth, and severity of a main sewer line problem at the exact point it is occurring. Issues like breaks, separation, shear, and blockages that would otherwise be hidden are made clear. Once the cause and location are determined, we can give accurate options for repairs.

To complete a sewer line inspection a sewer camera is inserted into a maintenance point of your sewer system known as a cleanout. These cleanouts can be located in your yard, or sometimes within the home. The high-resolution waterproof camera is pushed to the location of the issue, and the location is marked by the technician. Sewer camera inspections also allow us to take photos or videos if needed.

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