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Electrical Inspections

Do You Know If Your Home’s Electrical System Is Safe?

Do your breakers work? Do you have GFCI protection? Is your home properly grounded?

These are things that most people don’t think about until they have an electrical disaster. Let us inspect your entire home and check every electrical component for safety hazards. When our certified technician is done, he will give you a complete diagnostic of the condition of the electrical system and an estimate for completing any necessary repairs.

Proper maintenance increases the life of your home’s electrical system and prevents costly repairs and dangerous situations.

Don’t Wait Until You Sell the Home to Enjoy the Repairs

Many homes we inspect have multiple code infractions and fire hazards. Although the cost of a complete home inspection by a certified technician is minimal, the benefit of finding any fire hazard is priceless. Don’t wait until you sell your home to enjoy the peace of mind and safety of a properly maintained electrical system. Get it fixed before you are forced to fix it for someone else.

When Is The Best Time To Schedule?

While a checkup is always helpful, some times are more beneficial than others to schedule an electrical inspection. You should consider a home system inspection after:

  • Installing a new electrical appliance.
  • You have significant renovations on your home.
  • Purchasing a new home.
  • Your home surpasses 40 years of age.

Additionally, make sure you know how old your electrical system is if it is not the same one that was installed when the home was built, so you know when to book your next appointment!

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Your Safety Comes First

Keep your household safe with routine electrical inspections. For more information, contact us or give us a call at (770) 667-6937 today!

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