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Security Lighting

Protect & Beautify Your Home with Security Lighting

Security lighting is a great way to deter crime and increase the comfort, beauty and enjoyment of your home. Now, more than ever, homeowners report safety concerns as vandals, robbers, and worse are a constant threat. We have experienced a sharp increase in the number of requests for security lighting, particularly motion lighting. Generally, these requests come after a homeowner experiences a break-in either at their home or a neighbor’s home.

We have discussed home security and prevention with several local law enforcement officials and their number one suggestion continues to be improved lighting.

Entrance Lighting

Local building codes require homes to have lighting by each entrance or exit. Generally, these are sconce or hanging type lights and are great for illuminating the front of the home and deterring criminals. Of course, the lights have to be turned on in order to make a difference!

Many homeowners rarely use their front doors and it is difficult to remember to turn those lights on and off every day. The solution is a timer or photocell lights. Timers can be installed at the switch location to turn the lights on and off for you, every day.

The best time for lighting to be on is during the early evening hours when the lights will get the most use. Motion sensor sconce lights can be purchased at local hardware stores and are a great solution because they can be programmed to come on during the evening hours and then act like a motion lights the rest of the night. This helps you conserve energy while still providing light if there is an intruder, a household or neighborhood emergency, or a late night guest.

Flood Lighting

Flood Lighting is a major crime deterrent. It’s important that it is installed and used correctly.

Flood lighting should be installed on all sides of the home and especially cover vulnerable areas such as gates, windows, carports, and walkways. It’s important that the flood lights be easy to reach for bulb maintenance and that they are positioned correctly so they fully illuminate the intended areas and do not instead shine in undesirable directions or through doors or windows. Flood lights can be controlled by motion sensors, a timer, or a light switch depending on the location.

We recommend installing motion type lights in entrance areas and areas that are not frequently used such as side yards and back gates. For frequently used areas such as patios and backyards we recommend controlling the lights with timers or a simple switch. This makes it easy to occupy the area without the motion sensor “timing out” while you’re still enjoying your yard or patio.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is beautiful, but it’s also very functional.

Properly installed landscape lighting can make a home feel inviting and warm for guests and help ward off potential criminals. Good landscape lighting highlights your home’s features and properly lights steps, pathways, and driveways while serving the dual purpose of enhancing the home and providing safe entry for invited guests.

We recommended controlling landscape lighting with timers set for the early evening hours to maximize actual use and energy efficiency.

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Keep Your Household Safe

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