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Pressure Regulators

Protect Your Plumbing System With A Pressure Regulator

A pressure regulating valve (PRV)—sometimes called a pressure reducing valve—is a vital component of any household plumbing system. As its name denotes, this crucial device regulates the incoming water pressure from the county or city municipal supply, from a high pounds per square inch (PSI) range, down to a safer level for your home’s internal plumbing system and fixtures. A high PSI causes toilets, faucets, water heaters and dishwashers to leak and fail prematurely.

Proper Installation is Crucial

A PRV is so critical that most manufacturer warranties for plumbing fixtures are not honored if one is not correctly installed and functioning in the home. These valves typically last around 10 years. We check this valve and its proper installation as part of our whole-house professional plumbing evaluation and will provide an estimate for any necessary repairs or replacements.

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No Job is Too Big or Too Small

A damaged PRV is nothing to sneeze at. If you suspect your valves are malfunctioning, give the plumbing experts at TE Certified a call at (770) 667-6937. One of our friendly professionals will be there to assist you in no time!

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