TE Certified Electricians install flat screen TV’s and TV mounts. Wall mounted flat screen televisions really look great! Especially when they are mounted correctly.

It is vitally important to use a UL listed bracket properly sized for the TV, the correct bolts, and spacing. We are the area’s experts at hanging TV’s. We will properly center and level your TV, hide your video component cables, and install a new power outlet.

A large TV hanging from your wall is a major liability. Make sure its installed correctly and that you use a Certified Electrician with valid proof of insurance and a lifetime warranty. You want to hire an established company with a solid professional history of installing flat screen TV’s. TE Certified Electricians is that company.

Hiding the wires is an important feature when installing a TV. It is important to use wires specifically listed for running through walls. NEVER put an extension cord inside a wall. Instead, have an outlet installed behind the TV.  TE also installs a “Smart Tube” inside your wall for your cables so that your home is protected and you can always add additional cables as needed. A Smart Tube is essentially a tube that runs from behind your TV to behind where you equipment is stored (DVR, Cable Box, etc.).

We also install surround sound wiring, in-wall speakers, cable lines, HDMI cables, and network lines. We can fish your speaker lines through the walls to hard-to-reach locations, usually with little or no drywall damage. We can help you set up your dream system.

Surge protection is a must when installing a flat screen TV.   We install power “inlet” type devices which allow you to protect your TV with a tradition surge protector. We also recommend whole house surge protection. Why protect just the TV, when you can protect everything?

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How We’re Qualified

There are a lot of electric companies in Atlanta wanting your attention, especially when you have the least amount of time imaginable! So our promise is simple: If you see an electrician in our uniform, he’ll be both state-licensed and TE-Certified. TE Certified techs are specialists. They are also W-2 employees of our company which means they answer to us for every minute they’re in the field, at your home, and working on your equipment. And believe it or not, we probably require better work performance than even our customers!

Our technicians complete many hours of extensive in-house training, and pass written exams, code testing, and hands-on skill assessments. But their training doesn’t stop there. Mandatory weekly training sessions keep them up-to-date on the latest in electrician trends; the newest innovations; and the city, state and federal electrical guidelines.

While there may be several ways to handle your electrical needs are “OK,” we follow an extensive set of “best practices” that we are constantly sharpening so you know you’re getting the best quality workmanship in Atlanta.


We Drive Fully-Stocked Service Vans

te-repair-van-380x188We send out our electricians “Ready to Work.” Even if your appointment is just an estimate, if you’re confident with our company (and we’re sure you will be!), you can decide to go ahead and complete the work right then. Since electrical is our business, our service vans carry the latest in technology and diagnostic devices, the best time-tested tools and equipment of our trade, and the electrical repair parts we use all of the time. We restock daily to make sure the one showing up in front of your house is fully-equipped to meet your project head-on. Even if you decide on a major installation, our technicians have everything they need to get the work started. Regardless of your project, we show up ready to get the job done.