Because regularly-scheduled water heater maintenance prolongs the life of your system, we strongly recommend it.

Our water heater maintenance service saves you the trouble and includes a multi-point safety inspection. We know what to look for and how to save you in the long run. Because it’s what we do – every day.

  • We look over the water heater for leaks and drips, cracks, rust, faulty electrical connections, improper grounding, loose fittings, excess sediment, water quality, proper expansion tank, and more.
  • Our technicians check the anode rods, pressure valve, ventilation, supply lines, drain pipe, pilot light, and temperature settings. Any uniform residential code violations (gas, electric, clearance, working space, etc.) are noted. We provide a no-obligation quote for any needed repairs (which can generally be completed the same day).
  • We maintain your water heater by disconnecting the power, fully flushing the tank to remove sediment buildup, adjusting the pressure valves, tightening loose connections, setting the temperature to homeowner specifications, relighting the pilot, and checking operation.

Of course, a water heater inspection (minus the maintenance) is always part of our TE Certified Plumbing System Evaluation. Either inspection provides an important record for reselling your home.