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LED Light Bulbs for Flood Lighting = Life Saver!

External motion sensing security light

LED bulbs are making a huge impact on the modern home. They are efficient, eco-friendly, last for decades, and pay for themselves with energy savings.  BUT, few people could have predicted the best feature of all…you don’t have to change the bulbs! This is fantastic because floodlighting is often installed 20-30 feet off the ground. Seriously,  some floodlights are installed in such a manner that only a crazy person would ever attempt to change the bulb.

In the old days, homeowners would risk life and limb to change their flood light bulbs, pay an arm and a leg to have them replaced (only to see another burn out a month later), or just give up on floodlighting completely. We have been to homes where floodlights have not worked for years because of the location of the fixtures. Other times we have been called out to move floodlighting to a less than optimal location just so the homeowner could change the bulbs themselves.

Welcome to the new age! LED floodlights installed by TE Certified Electricians last 22 years on average. That is 25,000 hours of usage before you ever need to replace the bulb. As a comparison, a standard halogen bulb only last 2,000 hours before needing to be replaced.  That means you will change your halogen flood bulb 12 times before your neighbor replaces his LED bulb ONCE. Multiply 12 by the cost of purchasing and replacing your flood bulbs, and you will see where the REAL money-saving opportunity is in LED lighting. It is not your power bill, it is your home maintenance bill that will see the major bottom-line increase with LED lighting. So, the next time you go to replace a hard-to-reach light bulb, reach for an LED!

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