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All About Outlets

Do you have enough power outlets? Unless you have a newer home, you’re probably saying “Of course not!” (One or two outlets per room is rarely sufficient for today’s high tech homeowner.)

What is the number one cause of household electrical fires?

Improper use of extension cords. Amended building codes call for more outlets in new homes, but older home still lack the number needed. Installing an easily accessible electrical outlet (not running extension cords) is the best solution. We install additional outlets for flat screen TV’s, Christmas lights, ironing boards, table lamps, floor lamps, appliances and more. A easy to reach outlet is no only convenient, its a life-saver.

Ungrounded outlets are outlets that lack a ground wire (the extra wire in the system which protects you from electric shock). Ungrounded outlets do not have a means of diverting electrical current away from you (to an exterior grounding system) when needed. Grounding also protects appliances that have a 3-prong plug on the cord from electrical damage to the unit.

A two-prong outlet is your clue that there is no ground wire in the outlet and it (thankfully) prevents you from plugging in an appliance or electronic that requires grounding. Sometimes a two-prong outlet is replaced with a three-prong outlet without adding a new ground wire. This is bad news! It creates a major hazard and is potentially dangerous to anyone using that outlet. It’s so dangerous, in fact, that replacing a two-prong outlet with a three-prong outlet without running a new wire is illegal in Georgia. Call us and we can make your outlets safe and up to code.

Tamper-Resistant (TR) outlets prevent injury and death with a special cover that hinders the insertion of anything other than an electrical plug (toy, pen, paper clip, bobby pin) into the outlet. TR outlets looks like regular outlets and have been used successfully in doctor’s offices, schools, and nurseries. Georgia law now requires TR outlets in all homes. Many & “electricians” ignore this and continue to install outdated outlets to save money (this is not safe). We only install tamper-resistant outlets! Check your outlets for the TR; label to make sure your home is as safe as you can make it.

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