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Surge Protectors

Heavy storms hit Alpharetta this last week and, like always, brought with them major lightening strikes. These storms are deadly to the expensive electronic equipment that is so common in today’s homes. Growing up, you may have heard “unplug the TV, it looks like its going to storm!” Well, now there is a better and more sure proof way of protecting your home during a storm without unplugging every device you have – Whole House Surge Protectors. Here is an excerpt from The Alpharetta Electricians website about surge protection. For more information visit www.TheAlpharettaElectrician.com.

“Whole house surge protectors protect every appliance and electronic in your home from damaging electrical surges. Electrical surges are spikes in the electrical voltage coming into your home. These spikes are generally caused by your power provider, electrical problems inside your home, or lightening strikes. Surge protectors work by monitoring the flow of electricity through your house. When the voltage goes up, the surge protector drains the excess voltage into the ground and away from your sensitive electronics. If you own a digital microwave, flat screen TV, A/C unit, or similar appliance, invest in a whole house surge protector. Even small surges coming from your local power company damage electronics and reduce the life of your equipment. Whole house surge protection is inexpensive and protects the most expensive items in your home.”

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