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Wilson has been a valuable member of the TE team since 2017. He enjoys working to add value to his customer’s homes and keeping them safe from electrical issues. He and his wife live in Duluth and enjoy spending time outdoors together. On the weekends you can find him biking or going for a hike.  

Name: Wilson

Hometown: Guatemala City

College: IEC Electrical Contractors

Certifications: IEC

Favorite Aspect of My Job: I love to enhance the quality of people’s life while increasing there safety.

Hobbies: Hiking,biking,outdoor activities, science, spending time with my family and friends.

Role Model: Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking

Interesting Fact About Me: I’m bilingual and I often listen to classical music.

Best Advice to Customers: It’s better to be safe than sorry , peace of mind is incredibly valuable and rewarding.

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