FAQs About Panels

FAQ – Panels

Probably. Federal Pacific Panels are associated with numerous house and panel fires and were subject to a class action law suit before the company went out of business. Have a licensed electrician check the panel for damage. Click Here for more info.

Call us. Buzzing, Humming, or Sizzling sounds are often the first indicator of an electrical problem. The sound you hear could be your panel melting. Get an electrical safety checked before your panel needs to be replaced.

We can install a sub panel to create additional space or upgrade your panel to provide more room. Adding circuits to an overloaded panel is not recommended and can lead to major panel damage.

Your home is probably only getting one leg of power from your power provider. Call your power company and ask them to investigate your meter.

Yes, it can. Old panels and meters with loose or damaged connections from age and use can create energy loss and heat. This means higher energy bills.

No. Breakers should not get hot during use. If a breaker is overloaded or bad, it will begin to lose electricity in the form of heat. Have any breaker that is hot to the touch checked out by an electrician.

Most home improvement stores carry panel screws. Be sure to get the screws for your panel only. The wrong type or length of screw can damage wires inside you panel.