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Water Hammer Issues

Silence Your Noisy Pipes

If something as simple as turning on a faucet causes your whole house to shudder, you might have water hammer issues.

This is caused by air in the water pipes that has not been properly flushed (or bled). It can happen after plumbing work in your home, on your street, or even somewhere within your municipality. The pipes in your home struggle to deliver water and create a knocking or “hammering” sound. Thus, the name.

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This effect is most pronounced anywhere there are quick-close solenoid valves, such as your dishwasher, washing machine, or icemaker. It is often the first sign that the situation needs attention. Another unwelcome side-effect is water that spits and sputters before coming to full volume. This can get old quickly, especially when you’re wanting water right away or if the rest of the house is trying to sleep. But more pressing is how much stress it puts on your home’s plumbing system. Plumbing joints can fail and leak and pipes can crack and sometimes burst from the repeated surges of pressure. Installing water hammer arrestors at the key areas can help keep your plumbing system safe even when things happen that are beyond your control.

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Enjoy A Secure and Quiet Plumbing System

Nothing interrupts a pleasant gathering with friends faster than unbearably loud banging and clanging noises coming from behind your home’s walls! Water hammer arrestors provide an extra safeguard for your plumbing system should something go awry. TE Certified plumbers have the tools of the trade to install them in even the most difficult-to-access spaces!

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