1. Are you Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

Of course! We hold the highest electrical license offered by the State of Georgia and our electricians are licensed. Our license number is EN214217. We also carry General Liability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, and a Commercial Umbrella Policy just to be safe.  We also have code compliance bonds in counties that offer it.

2. How Long Has your Company Been Around?

We were founded in 1998 in Roswell, Georgia. Most companies fail within the first five years of start-up, so we are proud to still be here. We still service some of the same clients from 1998!

3. Where are You Located?

We are located in Downtown Alpharetta, Georgia. Our address is 172 Marietta St. Alpharetta, GA 30009.

4. What is You Warranty Policy?

We warranty our workmanship and parts for life. If anything ever goes wrong with our installation we will fix it for free! If a part that we supplied ever goes bad, we will provide a new one for free! Installation is not included in our parts warranty after the first year.

5. What Awards have you won?

Click here to see our reviews, rewards, and memberships.

6. What Type of Training do Your Electricians Have?

Our Technicians all spent at least five years working inside homes with homeowners. Each one has passed a national background check and a written examination. We hold weekly safety and training meetings so they stay sharp and keep up with the latest in electrical material, tools, and practices.

7. What is Your Name?

The name of our company is Thrasher Electric, LLC – We go by “TE Certified Electricians.”