Tips for Improving Your Electrical System

Here are some simple electrical tips that you can to improve your electrical system and minimize the risk of an electrical fire. Be careful not to overload any one circuit. Be aware of how much power your appliances and electronics need and carefully spread the demand around to avoid overloading. Unplug any unused electronics when not in [...]

All About Outlets

Do you have enough power outlets? Unless you have a newer home, you’re probably saying “Of course not!” (One or two outlets per room is rarely sufficient for today’s high tech homeowner.) Q. What is the number one cause of household electrical fires? A. Improper use of extension cords. Amended building codes call for more [...]

Attic Ventilation Fans

Summer is here and it’s time to check your attic ventilation fan. Attic ventilation fans are electric fans that move stagnate hot air out of your attic circulating fresh cooler air through your attic. Replacing the air in your attic improves your air quality, lowers cooling bills, and prevents wood rot. Attics can reach temperatures [...]

What is REAL Worker’s Compensation & Why Does My Electrician Need It?

Worker’s compensation is a special type of insurance that protects employees and employers in the case of an on the job accident. Working with live wires, under houses, in attics, and on ladders is dangerous and there is always the real possibility of injury. TE Certified Technicians attend weekly safety training and have invested in [...]

Three Time Winner!!!

Thrasher Electric has won the Super Service Award by Angie’s List for the third year in a row. This award is given to top service companies throughout the county that provide excellent customer service. Call the Alpharetta Electrician for award winning electrical service.

Light Bulbs

Halogen Halogen bulbs are light bulbs with tungsten filaments (the part that glows) and filled with halogen gas. They burn much hotter and brighter than normal bulbs which makes the light appear clearer or whiter. Halogen bulbs generally last longer and are more efficient than regular bulbs. Because Halogen lights burn much hotter, they are [...]

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